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Soap was released in 2008 on Doot Doot Recordings. We absolutely loved writing and recording this album – a very bright spark in a dark time in our lives (or something) but the critics weren’t as kind – we got “contains moments of genuine rough, alt-folk beauty”Sandman and “A great line in quirky one and two minute blasts of songs”Fatea but mainly we got “PRETENTIOUS!” – Sandman.

We decided to see it as an “art project” – which was much mocked but essentially meant that we originally made 54 seperate covers for the album. A good time was had by all. They can be seen here.

Some people (including us) LOVED this album, it is rough and a self-indulgent but well, see what you think.

Featured on this album were… Nick Thoume (pretentious story), Birgitte Roeggen (tootling in the background), Matty Richards (trumpet), Dave Kitchen (background noise) and special guests Kurt Vonnegut and George Orwell (stolen stories).

Listen To:   Honeysuckle  Let’s Get Megamechanical  No’s 1 & 3

                         All 54 Covers


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