Oli Robinson

Oliver Winstanton J. Robinson was born in Kingston, Jamaica on 14th February 1946. Famously known as Mr Melodica, he did a great deal to popularise the instrument in western culture. In his 40 years he has played on any number of household names songs you would care to name including Barkestone skank, ipod skank, pizza skank, and, of course, the immortal nuts nugget skank.

He is pictured here in his early band: Toots, Maytalls and Robinson.

Posters for So Claw/Sour Crow

Excited about the forth coming albums from

The Wednesday Club, So Claw/Sour Crow?


Here’s two poster by Leeds

legend Shaun Central for your perusal.

Click on em for em big.

The Day Whitey and Bluey Died



These two guitars, the white one, “Whitey”, and the blue one, “Bluey”* were main stays of the Wednesday

Club experience for most of our life span. Both appearing at such auspicious venues as The Cardigan Arms! The Fenton! The Packhorse! The Brudenell Social Club! Oporto! and many others as well as featuring on Soap and Katapult.

They were terrible, terrible guitars.

Anyway, when we realised that no one who was sane would ever buy them we donated them to Pulled Apart By Horses (whose bassist Rob Lee once sat in on drums for The ‘Club). They then smashed them up in this video.

Fun Fact 1: Whitey was very hard to smash apparently – causing great damage to their drum kit and thus hardly appearing in the video.

Fun Fact 2: Whitey used to be played in a band containing Sam Carter, winner of Best Newcomer at the British Folk Awards 2010.

*We had a lot of fun naming guitars. There was also the little blue guitar, “Lil’ Bluey”, a red guitar, “reddy”, three black guitars, all called “Blacky”, and “Sunburst”. Sunburst didn’t work out too well.