So… Why So Claw and Sour Crow?

Galaxie 500 - slapped with that tag

So, i can hear precisely no one asking, did you call your albums So Claw and Sour Crow? Well let me tell you something.

Well, first of all, we decided we wanted to make a slow core album inspired by the bands slapped with that tag. Like Galaxie 500…

Then obviously we decided to add a little semi-spoonerism  to the mix et voila, So Claw, was born. Except we didn’t really record any slow core songs at all. Be we still liked the name.

Jack London - A badass who liked to drink

A couple of months after deciding this title we were reading a lot of Jack London. Jack London was a badass. A badass who liked to drink.
So Claw added to drinking became Sour Crow. How you may ask? Well thinkin’ of drinkin’ made me think of sour mash whisky. The claw made me think of a crow, and the crow, well the crow likes to drink, get me? No? Ok, a lovely cartoon strip called Maakies features a drunk Crow called Drinky Crow. Hence I have always associated a sour crow with being drunk.

Drinky Crow: A drunk crow

So we had a double name, So Claw/Sour Crow. A bit pretensious. If we had such a great name we thought, why not record two albums. So we did.
Also after the fact we realised that our album covers resembled an album by Marbles, Apples In Stereo frontman Robert Schneider’s solo project (but less 60’s and more fussy). Entirely coincidental but interesting non  the less.

Marbles: They Looooove the 60's

And for those who are so inclined you can view the birth of the album covers here

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