23 Essays I Could Theoretically Write About Ketchup

1. Ketchup and childhood: Comfort foods and their Proustian links to growing up.

2.”So the big tomato squashed the baby one and shouted…” : Ketchup jokes and their relationship to society.

3. Ketchup with everything: The eating habits of those who require sauce on all things.

4. Ketchup and Class: What ketchup and its consummation say about status.

5. Ketchup or Catsup? : The etymology of why Americans have two words for this condiment.

6. Ketchup or Catsup? : What the knowledge of Britons about Americans two words for ketchup says about Anglo-American relations.”

7.”I don’t like tomatoes”: People who won’t eat tomatoes and love ketchup – a study on insanity.

8.”Do you want red sauce with that?” – Is takeaway sauce strictly ketchup?

9. Ketchupophaelia: A study of those sexually attracted to ketchup.

10.”That’s not blood, it’s just ketchup” – Common place items used to placate children.

11. Ketchup as signifier: Ketchup in film and its use to set scene.

12. Ketchup branding: How the brand changes the way we taste.

13. Ketchup on Roadkill: Ketchup, the great palletiser.

14. The ergonomics of the ketchup bottle: How ketchup bottle design shows changes in British design throughout the twentieth century.

15. Ketchup, Salsa and Pickle: The tricontinent development of tomato based condiments.

16. A bath of ketchup: Ketchup and charity stunts.

17. Heinz, HP or Daddy’s: which feels best in your pants?

18. The Ketchup Pit! : Use of condiments in obstacles in 1990’s kids’ TV shows.

19.”I prefer mayonnaise”: Choice of condiment as self-aggrandisement.

20. When is ketchup not ketchup? : Can you make recognisable ketchup by removing base ingredients?

21. The perfect ketchup: Scientific dreams of a madman.

22. Ketchup as anarchist activity: The use of condiments in protest movements from 1960 onwards.

23. Why is ketchup the only foodstuff I don’t like? : Shoulder shrugging with John Perry.

John, Dec 11


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