Top Ten Psychological Games

Here are ten games and questions you can ask yourself to pass the time. In no particular order…

Go Sigmund, it's your birthday...

1.Work out who hates you most in the world. Someone must just as there’s someone who loves you most, right?

2.What would it be like if you met yourself without knowing it was you? Would you get along?

3.Would you rather find out all the nasty things you’ve said about people over your life or they find out the nasty things you’ve said about them?

4.Ask your friends the most debauched thing they’ve ever done and see if you feel the same way about them afterwards.

5.Imagine talking to your 14 year old self for an hour about your life now.

6.Compare your life now to your parents at the same age.

7.Discuss whether you’d rather be 18 or 30.

8. Think of the three people closest to you and what they need to do to improve their lives. Then try doing it for yourself…

9. Think about the most embarrassing thing you’ve done and try to stop feeling embarrassed by it.

10. Think of all the people in your life you’ve fancied that you would be embarrassed if anyone else found out about. Think about why for each of them. What does this say about you?


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