So Claw            Sour Crow

 from bandcamp

On Monday 19th September 2011 Cath’n’Dad Records were very proud to release So Claw/Sour Craw, two ten song albums written and recorded at the same time. They’re an eclectic mix of eclectic, hooked filled indie-pop with echoes of Galaxie 500, The Wedding Present, The Field Mice and our usual old favourites. This time the songs are about, amongst other things: Vaslav Nijinsky, being frightened of going out, Bill Clinton and toothpicks. We recorded the songs in London (and a little bit in Leeds) between Autumn 10 and Summer 11 and invited along a few friends to flesh out our sound.

Definitely our finest work(s) to date, please download and spread the word! For more information see the Press Release and Lyric Sheet or contact drytherain @, we’d love to hear from you.

Listen To:   Japanese Capillaries    Duet     Knots

Download So Claw from bandcamp

Download Sour Crow from bandcamp


Download Press Release

So Claw/Sour Crow Lyric Sheet 


50 Influences On The Albums

So Why So Claw and Sour Crow?

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