Wednesday Club Interview

Have a look at out “interview” directed by Adam John Miller, shot by Birgy and conducted by Jake Sinetos.

Carol Brown

Comedy music. It seems to be loved by nerds, enjoyed by many but taken seriously by very, very few. And I always got the feeling it was seen as uncool by most.

I’ve already written about The Lonely Island –  and I implied my love for them – now I turn my attention to Flight Of The Conchords. I was going to write a cohesive, compelling argument about the brilliance of Carol Brown but I thought I’d just make a list about why it’s one of the best songs ever.

Carol Brown

1. The idea is funny: The conceit that a man would list all the “ways lovers have left me” and for them to respond belittling him in a chorus? Mwah.

2.It’s musically excellent: Especially the chorus and the drop out at the end of the verse.

3. It’s really funny: See the call and response of “he doesn’t cook or clean, he’s not good boy friend material.” followed by an  “Oooooooh we can eat cereal”

4. It’s pitched perfectly: See the way he half sings sincerely and then crams in lines like “who organised my ex-girlfriends in a choir and got them to sing” and almost breaks the 4th wall.

4. It’s really clever: The huge list of ex girlfriends names and (audacious) rhymes, “Loretta broke it off in a letter”, takes a huge amount of skill.

5. It pays loving homage to Paul Simon: Being an inversion of 50 ways to leave your lover. But better.

Paul simon

6. It has a brilliant video: Shot by Michel Gondry, of famous music video fame, and having Brett and Jemaine turning 2d, getting big, getting small etc.

7. It builds on Jemaine’s character without you having to know a thing about him to enjoy it.

8. It’s a slow burner: For example, noticing that everything that happens in the video is a result of the Jemaine messing with his computerised guitar.

9. It lets you sing girls names at them: And get a look that says your a creep/nerd. e.g. “Felicity said there was no electricity”.

10. It’s genuinely moving: When Jemaine sings “but I’m hoping that you’ll stick around”, it’s Red House Painters stuff.

Red House Painters