Listening to Pitchfork’s Top 50

As the years roll on, so do I. As time sinks it’s claws into me, ravaging my body and my hairline, I don’t devour new music in the way that I once did. I mean, Captain Beefheart reissues and Guided By Voices outtakes don’t listen to themselves…

So this year I’ve decided to catch up with all of P4k’s top 50 albums. I fear, in my attempt to remain relevant, I might be reading the wrong website – the one that was cool when I was 18.


no 50: Dawn Richard – Blackheart

Had I ever heard of them before: nope.

Reductive First Impression: Dawn Richard – I like it. Like 90’s trance mixed with Laurie Anderson, Drake and Twin Peaks. I wouldn’t want to listen to it out partying – though i expect thats what it’s designed for.
She sounds like someone who loves 90s R and B but is also a massive weirdo.
In another universe she’s a massive pop star.

Will I listen to it again: hopefully, she’s clearly really talented.


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