p4k no 45: Jim O’Rourke – Simple Songs

Had I ever heard of them before: Yep.

Reductive First Impression:  Didn’t you used to be in Sonic Youth? Yes, yes you did. Haven’t I got a few of your albums? Yep. Didn’t I listen to your work in an art gallery in Copenhagen for some reason? Yes I did.

So again we’re in the 70s but this time more of a Southern Rock, Werewolves of London, maybeevenalittlebitofTheBand vibe. Not sure if the title is a deliberate misnomer – these songs sprawl but they also rock. I nodded my head to say “don’t stop rocking”.

But I also thought “couldn’t his voice be higher in the mix” and “hey isn’t this Van Dykes Parksy a bit again” (he mixed Ys where VDP did the arrangements)

Will I listen to it again:  I wouldn’t say no, but as with his previous stuff I like it well enough, just didn’t go crazy over it.


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