p4k no 37: Empress Of – Me

Had I ever heard of them before: nope.

Reductive First Impression: A bit four-to-the-floor for my liking. Definitely pop but one of those albums where the bass drum is the bass note and I find that so tiring.

There’s some interesting tones in the backing here but generally it sounds like “me-not-having-a-good-time”. On the other hand the lyrics are ummm very open, which is cool, kinda, I guess.

Will I listen to it again: no.

p4k no 38: Arca – Mutant

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, he did some stuff on Kanye’s last and i listened to him last year.

Reductive First Impression: Think I might have ear fatigue or the holiday gloom has killed my joi de vivre. Last time I listened to Arca, I thought, “this is cool – let’s listen to more”. Now I went “not enough texture too much beat” and “I suppose this is ok” and then I began to think about how the cover is cool and how often you see cool covers for things and the insides rarely match the beutiful potential of the out. Like a crazy old sci fi novel that ends up being earth bound…

Will I listen to it again: no, but maybe I’ll go back to someother Arca and enjoy it?

p4k no 39: Holly Herndon – Platform

Had I ever heard of them before: nope

Reductive First Impression: Bit of a mixed bag here. It’s strange that it follows Jlin as it shares a cut-and-paste IDM aesthetic. I found some of this really enjoyable and other bits as really ok.
Seems to be mainly manipulations of (her?) voice, which is kind of cool for a while but loses me eventually.

Will I listen to it again: probably not, but then again, maybe there’s a slow burner that I might like

p4k no 40: Jlin – Dark Energy

Had I ever heard of them before: nope

Reductive First Impression: Haven’t got too much to say about this. It’s IDM, it’s very busy – a product of a restless mind? It’s on Planet Mu – μ – ziq’s label  – and I’ve always been in a weird middle ground here as I’ve never disliked it but it’s never grabbed me like the best Brain-Dance has. This is exactly how I feel about this, pleasant enough*, but not grabbing.

*pleasant is entirley the wrong word here.

Will I listen to it again: probably not, but I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

p4k no 41: Jeremih – Late Nights: The Album

Had I ever heard of them before: nope

Reductive First Impression:  Wasn’t sure at first but… the ahem, beats,  on these tracks are very, very good indeed*.  his rap/singing really reminds me of Drake’s, but unfortunately without quite the storytelling/place setting skill or the sense of vunerability. I mean the lyrics are awesomely prurient but eventually it almost feels medical.

Late nights, indeed.

*apart from the one with acoustic guitar. goddamn it stop it.

Will I listen to it again:  maybe, depends how good Drake’s album is later on – might juat listen to that instead.

Also, he’s called Jeremy. Jeremy. He’s called Jeremy.

p4k no 42: Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, girl


Had I ever heard of them before: nope

Reductive First Impression:  This album is awesome. Ambient and weird. The first track sounds like something from Chris Morris’s Jam. She’s got a beautiful voice, but really, you can’t hum the melodies. This album feels deeply personal, almost as if you’re wandering through her subconscious (a bad dream perhaps?). The other touchstones I had were all females who made odd music, and I don’t want to be reductive.

(Oh ok, weird Bjork, Liz Fraser, The Knife)

Will I listen to it again:  yes, it’s total Perrycore. I mean, the covers awesome.

p4k no43: Destroyer – Poison Season

Had I ever heard of them before: yeah.

Reductive First Impression:  Destroyer are a band I’ve meant to get into for a while. I hear this is different to his other stuff. The first track is Springsteeny (like every other American band of the past ten years, seemingly), some other tracks are very torch singery and, again, remind me of Lambchop.

I have to admit I’m ill so I might not have had full appreciation. I liked some of the lyrics on first listen.

Will I listen to it again:  probably going to seek out some of the early stuff, if I like that I’ll come back to this.