p4k no 14: Young Thug – Barter 6


Had I ever heard of them before: heard of, possibly heard.

Reductive First Impression: Another dark hip hop album. I suppose he’s good at rapping but the same old “this passed me by” story. Unlike the Pharcyde’s “Passing Me By” that songs great.

Will I listen to it again: nope

P4k no 15: Bjork – Vulnicura


Had I ever heard of them before: Naturally.

Reductive First Impression: I’m sorry, Bjork, but my favourite album of  yours will always be the “greatest hits” compilation. Much like all the other albums of yours I’ve bought this just… kinda… passed me by – (apart from the soundtrack to that really disturbing film which I can’t listen to no more).
This is orchestral. It’s got Bjork on it. I listened a few times. I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me.

Will I listen to it again: when the tracks are on her next compilation.

P4k no 16: FKA twigs – M3LL155X


Had I ever heard of them before:

Reductive First Impression: wasn’t sure how to feel about this at first but got stuck listening to it whilst I was busy. – and, I can see why she’s getting so much fuss. Don’t really know how to describe her: achingly modern yet harking back to the 80s?

The subject matter of this album makes me feel uncomfortable and a bit sad – it’s dark, dark, dark. I like how weird she is. I like her.

Will I listen to it again: not this one but I’m gonna check out more.

p4k no 17: Drake – if you’re reading this it’s too late

Had I ever heard of them before: Of course, he’s Drake…

Reductive First Impression: former teen soap star, who keeps it real, by removing lint from his trousers at the side of basketball games.

I love Marvin’s Room – one of my favourite songs of the past few years but this album… I dunno, I’ve listened to it quite a lot, go “oh yeah, this one” but couldn’t tell you any of the tracks on it. I think it suffers from not being Kendrick Lamar.

Will I listen to it again: I’ve listened to it about 10 times which is enough really.

p4k n018: Julia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness

Had I ever heard of them before: Yep, this is one of the albums I’ve listened to before.

Reductive First Impression: Some albums wash over me and it’s their fault, I tell you, IT’S THEIR FAULT. I’ve listened to this album hmmm 7 or 8 times now and I can’t tell you any lyrics or hooks or hum any of it for you….

but I know it’s good. She comes across as clever. Maybe one day it’ll sink in. It’s pleasant in a good way. I like it. Come on, sink in, damn you.

Will I listen to it again: Probably another 30 times without realising it.

p4k no 19: Future – Dirty Sprite 2

Had I ever heard of them before: yeah?

Reductive First Impression: Wow, Future is a sad, sad man. As a sad man I appreciate that.

He does a few interesting things – repeats lines without a hook, so his chorus are essentially just his raps. He boasts of “fucking twin sisters”, they were “really sisters”, apparently. It sounds depressing.

It reminds me of a FOAF (friend of a friend) story about a guy who slept witha  mtoher and daughter. It was decided around the office that the mother and daughter were wrong to do it but the guy wasn’t.

The best track is the 25minute bonus one wher he’s talking.

I don’t know how to feel.

Will I listen to it again: Maybe. maybe.

p4k no 20: Floating Points – Elaenia

Had I ever heard of them before: Nup.

Reductive First Impression: This is IDM infused with jazz. Love the IDM, not so sure about the jazz. I hear stuff that could be on Reflex Records but then there’s all this vibe stuff that could be from a  progressive jazz fusion band from the seventies. hmmm.

Love it when it sounds like Kraftwerk not so sure about it when it veers into a bit of Radiohead.

Will I listen to it again: Definitely would have when I was 18.