p4k no 22: Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper

Had I ever heard of them before: But of course.

Reductive First Impression: Well, I love Person Pitch and Sung Tongs… I listened to this a few times when it first came out and it didn’t grab me. Listened to it a few more times now and I like it better but I also relistened to Person Pitch and man, is that record ever great.

Maybe this is 100% grower – I do like it but it doesn’t draw me in. this ahs looped vocals and nice melodies and stuff too.

Also reminds me that the only Animal Collective album I really love is Sung Tongs but I’ve bought loads of them. Funny that.

Will I listen to it again: I don’t want to have to take pills.


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