p4k no 9: Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Si

Had I ever heard of them before: Yes, went to see her last year and got so drunk I puked when I got home.

Reductive First Impression: When I listened to this last year I didn’t like it as much as A Sea of Split Peas (which I loved), as I felt the songs weren’t as strong and the production was to “generic 90’s-rock”. Sounded kind of like a band who loved Nirvana and that.

Relistening and I find it charming. She’s into the same kind of stuff as me. I like the production and the fact that an album that is made of unfashionable (at the moment) sounds can be praised as highly.

I like Courtney Barnett.

Will I listen to it again: Yup.


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