p2k no 2: Jamie xx – In Colour

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, Jamie XX seems to have been mentioned in every thing I’ve read since, ummm 2010. Which was 6 years ago. holy crap.

Reductive First Impression: hmmm, this is is very much a “producers” album – as are most of the things on this list. This makes me wonder, is the band dead? Honestly? Is cut and paste, mix and match the future of music? Not a bad thing at all, but it’s not what I do or can do. Maybe the world’s just leaving us all behind.

Or are things cyclical and we’ll have (probably crappy) bands back in 2020? or will there be more of a melding of the live and the “producer” (and not just in a “live band plays studio productions”) in future.

It’s not 10% my cup of tea but better than 50% of this list, easily. I’ve enjoyed it enough to listen to 5 times. on the other hand some bits are “errrggg”. Mind you i never like the XX.
Will I listen to it again: probably not, but, you know, not it’s fault, i’m just a lazy guy.



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