p4k16 no15: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree

Had I ever heard of them before: You really can’t have not heard of Nick Cave (esp. if yous an indie kid) ….

Reductive First Impression: but I’ve always been annoyed by his schtick. I might like if everyone else didn’t love him so hard. I’m a jerk. I like The Dirty Three though.

Ok this is pretty good. It would also be really easy to parody. I think what’s always annoyed me about Nick Cave is:
a: his self proclaimed genius/ “I’m a fucking poet, man” stylings

b: my assumption that he’s all style/suit no substance

c: the fact that every woman I know seems to love him.

cool cover though.

On a more serious note, how can you properly review an album about grief? It seems off to say “your suffering is gauche”. That being said Mt Eerie’s latest – that’s a stone cold fucking classic.

Will I listen to it again: nup, but I will give Nick Cave another chance in 2020 when i finally discover he’s not a poor man’s Leonard Cohen (and other less kind things I’ve called him)

p4k16 no16: Kendrick Lamar – untitled unmastered.

Had I ever heard of them before: Naturelement.

Reductive First Impression: His live performance of the tracks from it are stellar and spell binding. I’ve listened to the album a couple of times. It takes me a long time to absorb KL’s music. Took me over a year to recognise To Pimp A Butterfly as a masterpiece, and I’m still working on the others.

This album, by definition, is weaker than the others so…


Will I listen to it again: probably not as I’ve got another couple of KL releases to get my head round.


p4k16 no17: Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker

Had I ever heard of them before: When Leonard Cohen died my mum cried.

Reductive First Impression: basically it’s a late period Leonard Cohen album so you get some awesome lyrics and some fretless bass. I’m still only up to “Death of  A Ladies Man” in my LC absorbing-the-albums phase so I figure I will appreciate this one in the fullness of time.

Lord, I’m ready.


Will I listen to it again: Yes, scheduled it in for 2020.



p4k16 no18: Mitski – Puberty 2

Had I ever heard of them before: I wanna say yes, but I guess I’ve never heard her.

Reductive First Impression: sounds a bit like dance floor indie so could go either way for me…. quite like it. Her vocals manage to sound a bit lofty so I don’t know if they’ll draw me in or push me away.

Slightly epic (but like Weezer)? Oh I’m confused.

Not sure about the lyrics a bit on the nose.

Will I listen to it again: I actually don’t know. I think in the past I’d’ve given her more time but I’ve got another 17 albums to plow through.


p4k16 no19: Rihanna – ANTI

Had I ever heard of them before: ummm yes, yes I have.

Reductive First Impression: Always been a bit lukewarm on Rihanna – I love her stuff with the Lonely Island but the rest of the music is filed under “ok” in my head. First song is cool.

A super short second song? I’m on board at the moment. Then I listen to a song and go “does everything sound like Drake now” oh wait that is Drake.

Ooh I recognise a single!

Will I listen to it again: at the moment I think this sounds like a superior pop album. I wouldn’t request it to be turned off but I can’t imagine actively listening to it again.

p4k16 no20: Nicolas Jaar – Sirens

Had I ever heard of them before: no

Reductive First Impression: The write up seemed promising but the start sounds a bit like hippie shit…. but now it’s hippie shit I can get down with.
now there’s singing and synth bass. I’m not sure how I feel about this.
Hey there’s jazz. Good jazz!
Now as I pay attention again it’s doowopish.

Will I listen to it again: hmmm not enough for me to go “yeah” but you know keep on doing your thing, Nicolas Jaar.

p4k16 no21: Young Thug – JEFFERY

Had I ever heard of them before: no

Reductive First Impression: 42 minutes, but the first is a reggae beat with rapping. guuuuuh.

To my untrained ears this sounded like loads of the hip hop earlier down the list. I mean it’s ok but it doesn’t grab me and the subject matter seems repetitive.

Will I listen to it again: nup.