2017 playlist: SLEIGH TRACKS

Continuing our review of the year of our lord 2k17, here is a lovingly assembled playlist of songs which got me through what we can all agree was a pretty rough year.  Not necessarily songs released this year, just anything which became a firm fixture on the virtual turntable at some point or other.  In fact, as ever, I’m precisely 18 months behind the times so a bunch of these songs are actually from 2016.  Finger, meet pulse.

Enjoy responsibly! x





Top 5 Songs of 2017


As ever, there have been certain songs that I’ve listened to over and over again.

As ever, this has annoyed anyone sharing a car with me.

As ever, none of these were released anywhere near 2017*.

*yes listening to all 50 p4k albums of 2016 didn’t touch the sides.

Liz Phair – Hot White Cum

So you can blame Spotify’s “play more tracks like these” feature for this one. I had been repeatedly listening to Exile In Guyville (“Fuck and Run” could be on this list) and when it finished this came on. I’d heard that Liz Phair, after a certain point is terrible.

This is after that certain point. This is unbelievably crude (of course), half written (“la la la what my body has seen” ), crappily arranged (that harmonica solo).

But… But… But…

It’s catchy as hell. It’s funny. I find it refreshingly open and honest about sex (even if it’s a joke?). And as you will see from this list, it’s from a female perspective. I made me feel happy. Never stop, Liz, never stop.

 The Cranberries – Linger

You know a song is good when it seemingly drives you to a break down and makes you quit work. Or maybe I shouldn’t be able to read young adult books and listen to songs about young heartbreak.

I’ve been listening to Fluxblog’s “year surveys” (check em out) and discovered I still had the old music snob in me. This came on and I thought, God this is cheesy… but I like it? Better listen again. And again. And record a sea shanty version…

The song’s arrangement is almost perfect – described by Max as “the sound of a million A an R guys rubbing their hands together”.  The lyrics are beautifully vague in the verse (can you even remember them?) and clear in the chorus giving us a sense of mystery and universality. It’s just great.

See also : Dreams



Mazzy Star – Fade Into You 

Another song that must’ve been a hard sell. Beautiful woman sings song that just aches.

Things I love about this song: I  could play it; The drum beat is just a hit on the one; I’m still not sure what the lyrics are; It’s in 6/8, which as everyone knows, is the best time signature.

Funnily enough, I got into by it being on the soundtrack to a film I hated (American Honey) and going “hey I know that!”. I’d heard it a million times before but never clocked it. Strange I never knew.

The dB’s – Black And White

Another fluxblog find. Sometimes you just need 3  minutes of powerpop in your life. The whole thing is excitement and not a wasted second. It sounds like an American band playing Flying Nun.

All dickheady break up songs should sound like this.

There is only one other good DBs song – Amplifier – don’t bother with the rest.

Madonna – Material Girl


When this came on the 1984 mix, I was kinda blown away. A song I’d heard a million times before but the arrangement was just perfect. EVERYTHING in this song is a hook – the lyrics, the guitar, even the little “dings” on the weird drum synth every so often. Seriously, one of the main “riffs” in this song is played on either a stylophone (or a guitar made to sound like one) AND it’s actually pretty quiet in the mix. Ballsy.

Every timed I listened to it I questioned the sincerity of the song. Did she mean it? It was the 80s – Madonna is really rich…. Also it’s got something that seems essential for me to really love a song: filler lyrics! “Only boys who save their pennies make my rainy day”. hmmmm…

I was a little disappointed to find out Madge didn’t write this song but that was taken away somewhat by finding out Nile Rodgers produced it. Nile Rodgers, pop genius.


And Finally…

Songs that coulda been on the list