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Cath ‘n’ Dad Records Bandcamp Page


IMG_4425LURCHER (2017, Cath’n’Dad Records)

15 songs – each better than the last. If only there were more songs I suppose? Comes with Novella which answers all of your questions.
Featured album on Loose Can”non Radio Show and tracks played on Sheffield Live and shadowonthewall.
Deliciously skewed, short sharp blasts of off kilter guitar pop” – Pop-o-Matic

More Info   Download     LURCHvelette



 So The Win Won’t Blow It All Away (2015, Cath’n’Dad Records)

14 songs – all recorded “as live” 11 family favourites and 3 new ones. We like this.



Dry Humps

DryHumps  (2013, Cath’n’Dad Records)

12 songs that are exclusively about camels, (dromedaries, bactrians and the lesser known 3 humped camel). It is not wacky.

“Listenable” – Withguitars.com

More Info    Download from bandcamp    News Paper


Passing Strange

Passing Strange  (2013, Cath’n’Dad Records)

12 Monarchy Bashin’, Astronomy Lovin’,  Self Depreciatin’ soon-to-be-shoulda-been-hits.

“Passing Strange hits the mark of indie pop/rock excellence in every category.” –  sputnikmusic

More Info    Download from bandcamp    Post Cards      PASSING STRANGE EXPLANATORY NOTES


So Claw (2011, Cath’n’Dad Records)

10 songs of Broadyfolk/Millerkraut/Perrywop.

Recorded concurrently with Sour Crow.

“Sun, Sand, Sea and Sex (natch), but in Yorkshire” Culture Vulture

More Info    Download from bandcamp

Sour Crow (2011, Cath’n’Dad Records)

10 songs of Broadycore/Millerpop/Perryrock.

Recorded concurrently with So Claw.

“Foot tapping perfection” (Jester Jay)

More Info         Download from bandcamp

Katapult (2009, Odd Box Records)

15 songs of mid-fi hook-filled pop with none of the preceding silliness.

Featured the drumming of Jack “Ruts-Manuva” Rutter

“joyful, absurd, spirit raising on a gloomy day” (Kitten Painting)

More info        Listen .

Soap (2008, Doot Doot Recordings)

22 songs of ramshackle lo-fi indie pop and other types of music.

Came with 54 different covers!

Has it’s own 33 1/3 book!

“moments of genuine rough, alt-folk beauty”Sandman

More Info        Download from bandcamp

No, You Broke Jo’s Amp (2007, Doot Doot Recordings)

Juvenalia but contained some songs we really like.

Adam and John’s 4 year post Leo Trout collaborations.

More Info       Download from bandcamp


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