All of these wonderful albums are available at

Cath ‘n’ Dad Records Bandcamp Page



LURCHER (2017, Cath’n’Dad Records)

15 songs – each better than the last. If only there were more songs I suppose? Comes with Novella which answers all of your questions.

More Info   Download     LURCHvelette



 So The Win Won’t Blow It All Away (2015, Cath’n’Dad Records)

14 songs – all recorded “as live” 11 family favourites and 3 new ones. We like this.



Dry Humps

DryHumps  (2013, Cath’n’Dad Records)

12 songs that are exclusively about camels, (dromedaries, bactrians and the lesser known 3 humped camel). It is not wacky.

“Listenable” – Withguitars.com

More Info    Download from bandcamp    News Paper


Passing Strange

Passing Strange  (2013, Cath’n’Dad Records)

12 Monarchy Bashin’, Astronomy Lovin’,  Self Depreciatin’ soon-to-be-shoulda-been-hits.

“Passing Strange hits the mark of indie pop/rock excellence in every category.” –  sputnikmusic

More Info    Download from bandcamp    Post Cards      PASSING STRANGE EXPLANATORY NOTES


So Claw (2011, Cath’n’Dad Records)

10 songs of Broadyfolk/Millerkraut/Perrywop.

Recorded concurrently with Sour Crow.

“Sun, Sand, Sea and Sex (natch), but in Yorkshire” Culture Vulture

More Info    Download from bandcamp

Sour Crow (2011, Cath’n’Dad Records)

10 songs of Broadycore/Millerpop/Perryrock.

Recorded concurrently with So Claw.

“Foot tapping perfection” (Jester Jay)

More Info         Download from bandcamp

Katapult (2009, Odd Box Records)

15 songs of mid-fi hook-filled pop with none of the preceding silliness.

Featured the drumming of Jack “Ruts-Manuva” Rutter

“joyful, absurd, spirit raising on a gloomy day” (Kitten Painting)

More info        Listen .

Soap (2008, Doot Doot Recordings)

22 songs of ramshackle lo-fi indie pop and other types of music.

Came with 54 different covers!

Has it’s own 33 1/3 book!

“moments of genuine rough, alt-folk beauty”Sandman

More Info        Download from bandcamp

No, You Broke Jo’s Amp (2007, Doot Doot Recordings)

Juvenalia but contained some songs we really like.

Adam and John’s 4 year post Leo Trout collaborations.

More Info       Download from bandcamp


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