The Wednesday Club (A.J. Miller, E.Max Broady, John Perry) began as a bedroom based recording project in 2004, expanding in 2007 to a full band and then giving up playing live and slinking back to the bedroom in 2009. The product of 3 distinct singer/songwriters each bringing their own spin on indie-pop, but coming together through a shared love of the absurd. Often filtering bleak subject matter through catchy, concise pop songs and informed by a belief that clever and stupid are equally valid methods of expression.

They have “released” 6 albums No, You Broke Jo’s Amp! (2007 – Doot Doot), Soap (2008 –  Doot Doot), Katapult (2009 – OddBox Records), So Claw and Sour Crow (both 2011 – Cath’n’Dad Records), Passing Strange and Dry Humps (both 2013 – CnDR). A new album Lurcher is out in 2017.

Songs by the Wednesday Club have been played on Gideon Coe’s BBC 6 Music Show, Dandelion Radio, Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation’s Podcast, Route For The Underdog, The Big British Breakfast, BBC Radio Leeds, KVRX and a few other places that I forget.


One Comment on “Bio”

  1. Gentlemen, I profiled The Wednesday Club on our blog today. Good music, and I like the charity angle.

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