All 54 Covers Of Soap

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John’s Music Mountain

According to some anthropologists, it is our ability to group things that makes us human.  We can differentiate and distinguish things not only by a single feature (“a cat”, say) but by many. We can even group disparate things. Both a bear and a chocolate bar are brown; a steak and a chocolate bar are both foods. Apparently this gives us a massive evolutionary advantage over the other animals, the poor saps, as we can then use this information to make well informed decisions.

With this in mind I am exercising my humanity by pointlessly cataloguing bands I like! Woo!

I’ve made a “Music Mountain” (patent pending).. – where I’ve put my favourite band who’ve made one album* on the top, favourite band who made 2 albums second and so on.

I did nine bands originally and then I thought, “that’s not enough, there’s barely even insane.” So I upped it to 17. And yes there are some shitty albums in there. Out of the 153 albums….

*by album I mean studio or all live album with previously unrecorded music on it.

The bands in order are:

1 album     – Young Marble Giants

2 albums   – Neutral Milk Hotel

3 albums   – Boards Of Canada

4 albums   – The Smiths

5 albums   – Pavement

6 albums   – Red House Painters

7 albums   – Husker Du

8 albums   – Radiohead

9 albums   – Dinosaur Jr.

10 albums – The Magnetic Fields

11 albums  – The Beatles

12 albums –  Captain Beefheart

13 albums – The Flaming Lips

14 albums – The Mountain Goats

15 albums – R.E.M.

16 albums – Sonic Youth

17 albums – Guided By Voices


Merry Christmas

Soapy Dave Acute

Dave Acute/T.O.Y.S is pictured here getting nice and clean in Adam’s old house. Dave has been featured talking/singing on “Soap” and “Katapult” and is ambivalent towards The ‘Club.

Amyas and Louise

After recording several hits back in the 60’s, Amyas and Louise fell on hard times and were reduced to providing backing vocals on Katpult. Later on, he became a senator, she won an oscar, the rest, as, they say, is, history,


Being A Pictorial Account of The Wednesday Club Growing Old

Mid Period – Soap and Katapult

Being A Pictorial Account Of Us Getting A Bit Better

Early Days – Pre Soap

Being A Pictorial Account Of The Wednesday Club’s Growing Pains