From the past few years

Passing Strange Interview

Our shoddy covers of our friends music…

So Claw/ Sour Crow

Influences – Fifty Links to Things That Influenced The New Albums

Posters – 2 Loverly posters by Shaun Central.

Press Release – Release De Press

Lyrics – or if you prefer A Script for The Play

Why So Claw/Sour Crow – It all explained!


About The Band!!!

Every band we’ve been compared to.

Once And Future Members

The Jack Rutter Memorial Page – Drums (07-09)


Stevie Keys – Keyboards and Vocals

Steven J. Kirk – Production and Vocals

Andy Moore – Trumpet

Asa Roast – Synths and Noises

Oli Robinson – Melodica

Ian Williams – Vocals

Birgitte Roeggen – Vocals

Laurence Byrne – Bass

Amyas and Louise – Vocals

Dave Acutes – Vocals

Nick Thoume – Talking

Lisa Westerlund – Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboard etc.

Andrew Rowsell – Photography/Production

Rachel Barker – Music Videos

Amanda Nordin – Vocals

Fliss Webb – Vocals

Art Work

Katapult Info

All 54 Covers of Soap

How So Claw cover was made…

Giant Club Logo


Adam John Miller’s Crimes – as listed by a former friend

The Day Whitey And Bluey Died – the death of 2 guitars

Band Connections – How we (don’t) fit in

Top Ten Psychological Questions – For when you’re bored

Every Band We’ve Been Compared To In Print

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