p4k16 no6: Chance the Rapper – Coloring Book

Had I ever heard of them before: Yep.

Reductive First Impression: wasn’t sure about this. It sounded I dunno too smooth. The further on it goes the better it gets. It’s kinda old skool?
Then I lose interest again. It gets smooth.
So I like some of it but then don’t liek the rest! It’s a mixtape!

Will I listen to it again: nup.


p4k16 no7: A Tribe Called Quest – We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service

Had I ever heard of them before: Hell yes

Reductive First Impression: great album. Enjoyed it loads when it came out. Busta Rhymes is great guesting. Thumbs up.

Will I listen to it again: yep.


p4k16 no9: ANOHNI – Hopelessness

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, back when they won the Mercury. The first track was great the rest garbage. They seem to pop up everywhere and I always hate their contributions.

Reductive First Impression: epic and warbly. the backing reminds me of Florence and The Machine. The lyrics sound clumsy. I still don’t like them. I am now on my 12th year of not liking Anthony and the Johnsons.

Will I listen to it again: God, no.

p4k16 no9: Angel Olsen – My Woman

Had I ever heard of them before: yes

Reductive First Impression: I’ve already listened to this a few times. It’s ok. Just wasn’t to my tastes. I mean, it’s fine. It’s fine.

Will I listen to it again: no.

p4k16 no10: Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

Had I ever heard of them before: Had a Thom Yorke poster on  my wall.

Reductive First Impression: It’s interesting cos Pitchfork will give Radiohead albums glowing reviews independent of the quality of the music inside (hello Hail To The Thief). I have heard this several times but will give it another virtual spin for the 3 people who read these.

This sounds waaaaay better coming out of good speakers. yeah first two tracks = mwah.

Good album.

Will I listen to it again: Of course. Even if it was terrible. It’s Radiohead.


p4k16 no11: Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition

Had I ever heard of them before: nope

Reductive First Impression: this sounds deranged. yaaaaaaay.

So Danny Brown – just trying to work out if he’s good, great or fucking brilliant.

I don’t know. I liked it. Seemed stronger art the start than the end.

Will I listen to it again: I will try and follow the career of Danny Brown.


p4k16 no12: Bon Iver – 22, A Million

Had I ever heard of them before: mais oui, saw them at ATP ’09 whilst feeding Ian Williams chips. I always thought Bon Iver were ok but liked Volcano Choir.

Reductive First Impression: I listened to this as I was making flatpack furniture. “Minimalist,” I thought. then moved onto: “this is like Coldplay’s version of Kid A”


Will I listen to it again: no.