Something comes hovering in to the view over the horizon…


Merely arbitrary signs used to convey meaning both complex and simple (what we in the postGood world like to call “Comple”).

How can we possibly use them to express ourselves? Well, now that you ask, we either ululate them or write them or occasionally blink them, too, if someone happens to watching carefully for our hidden meanings carefully concealed but obvious to all those who have at least a passing knowledge of the solution of 1979’s Masquerade and will find themselves carrying on what seems like a converstaion about one thing on a surface level but reveals itself to be something completely different like that bit in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Naked Lunch – which isn’t really an adapatation so much as a loose assemblage of biography and  Burroughs’ entire oeuvre – where Peter Weller, Robocop 1 and 2 (but not 3) , talks to that guy in the casbah and the guy reveals to him that although they look like they’re talking about one thing to the outside world, to themselves even, they’re actually telepathically communicating about something else, something only one party (Weller as Burroughs, not the other one) realises and is privy to,  and that’s what you must do when you talk to me, watch my eyelids for those backwards (sorry they’re always backwards) messages that my subconscious screams at you whilst, I, calmly and rationally am telling you about how the weather looked like it was going to be sunny when I woke up so I didn’t bring a brolly but now it looks like it’s turning again and… but watch the eyelids, surreptitously jot down the dashes and the dots and then flip it, what have I really been saying this whole time, aye, anyway must dash, toot toot, pip pip…

We’re recording a new album and here are some fun pictures Rachel Barker took of us.



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p1k no 1: Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly

Had I ever heard of them before: very hard not to’ve.

Reductive First Impression: Not at all a first impression as I’ve been listening to this for over a year. It’s a good album. The first few songs are great. Lamar is a passionate, dextrous rapper and listening to him is fun. It’s eclectic.

It’s way too long. Which is my complaint about most albums and every hip hop album ever.

I also think he sounds abit like Quasimoto. I googled it. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Will I listen to it again: yeah, I’m a  fan.

p2k no 2: Jamie xx – In Colour

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, Jamie XX seems to have been mentioned in every thing I’ve read since, ummm 2010. Which was 6 years ago. holy crap.

Reductive First Impression: hmmm, this is is very much a “producers” album – as are most of the things on this list. This makes me wonder, is the band dead? Honestly? Is cut and paste, mix and match the future of music? Not a bad thing at all, but it’s not what I do or can do. Maybe the world’s just leaving us all behind.

Or are things cyclical and we’ll have (probably crappy) bands back in 2020? or will there be more of a melding of the live and the “producer” (and not just in a “live band plays studio productions”) in future.

It’s not 10% my cup of tea but better than 50% of this list, easily. I’ve enjoyed it enough to listen to 5 times. on the other hand some bits are “errrggg”. Mind you i never like the XX.
Will I listen to it again: probably not, but, you know, not it’s fault, i’m just a lazy guy.


p4k no 3: Grimes – Art Angels

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, but ummm had no idea what she sounded like.

Reductive First Impression: I like this. It’s really good. Not sure about some of the production (loud synthetic drums, kinda cheesy guitar n stuff) but I may grow to like it.

I dunno, the melodies are good. This is good.

Will I listen to it again: yep


p4k no 4: Vince Staples – Summertime ’06

Had I ever heard of them before: no.

Reductive First Impression: I listened to this a few times. It’s ok. I don’t hate it. The hooks it has don’t make me go “yeaaaaaaaaah” but I also don’t hate them. I’m guessing this is a lyrics album – in fact more than that a “narrative” album and therefore needs way closer a listen than I’m willing to give it.

His bitch looks like Madonna.

Will I listen to it again: nope. Although as I type this I am still listening to it and becoming a tiny bit more intrigued. but na…

p4k no 5: Tame Impala – Currents

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, they did that song you’d hear on the radio and, I’m also assuming, adverts.

Reductive First Impression: Oh, I don’t know. Do I even have an opinion about music anymore? My head was so clogged by what I’d read about Tame Impala before that all I thought was: “oooh he’s a loner”, “ooh this a bit moody”, “ooh he’s a studio perfectionist”, “ooh this is kinda like, I dunno, dancey kinda something but not?”.

Some of it made me tap my feet. Some of it’s a bit woozy but just a bit and made me want to listen to Conan Mocassin. I like Conan Mocassin.


Will I listen to it again: na.

p4k no 6: Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, saw him in a  sit down folk club in Nottingham back in ’04… blah blah blah

Reductive First Impression: When this first came out I was unimpressed. I didn’t know why. It ticked all my boxes.

Sparse (tickerdee)

Deeply personal (tix)

Relatively lofi (tickets)

Sufjan Stevens (tickles)

but left me a bit “meh”. Better than Age of Adz, I thought, “but why’s everyone going crazy over it?”. I gave it 6 months. Fuck me it’s good. Heartbreaking, beautiful, full of killer lines. Best album of 15.

Will I listen to it again: sure.