The Wednesday Club have gotten various bits and bobs said about them over they years.

Lets start with the Praise…

Dry Humps

“All in all, it’s listenable”

Passing Strange:

“One of the top 50 independent alternative acts in the world”Independent Music News

“Passing Strange hits the mark of indie pop/rock excellence in every category.” 4.5/5 –

“an often delicate ramshackle seduction, it’s something to saviour.” 8.8/10 –

“full of sensitivity and good taste… the best pop in a British tradition”Spop

“a masterpiece of exquisite indie pop/rock”spotifierad

“Yes, it’s clever, but it’s also fun” – SoundsXP

“Learned indie weirdness” The FireNote

Interview with

Songs from this album played on: BBC Radio Leeds, KVRX.

So Claw/Sour Crow:

“sun, sea, sand, sex (natch) but in Yorkshire.” Culture Vulture

“Foot tapping perfection… indiepop gems” Jester Jay

“songs reflect the lo-fi genius of the Flying Nun roster” Sounds XP

“very English, drawing on many influences, but nevertheless managing to sound unique. A real grower.” – Vibrations

“not gratuitously pretentious” We are Unseen


Songs from this album played on: BBC Radio Leeds.


“a treasure trove of great sounds” – SoundsXP

“joyful, absurd, spirit raising on a gloomy day, abundantly melodic, super eclectic” – Kitten Painting blog

“doesn’t set a foot wrong” – Sheffield Phonograph Corporation

“ramshackle yet lovely pop all round” – Russel’s Reviews

“Katapult’ is a triumph in simply doing what you like and having fun in the process” –LeedsMusicScene

“Something in here for even the coldest heart”Fire Escape Talking

“The choir repeating ‘Fuck the world’ is actually lovely” – God Is In The TV


“The more conventional tracks contain moments of genuine rough, alt-folk beauty”Sandman

“A great line in quirky one and two minute blasts of songs”Fatea

“Diplomatic Sugar is [one of my top 5 British songs]”Karren Ablaze on 3AM Magazine

Live Performances:

“The True Spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll!” – A punter at our Pavement Tribute Gig (Jan ’09)

Moving on to insulting slights on us…


“PRETENTIOUS…  I bet they carry dog-eared Penguin paperbacks around… probably ones they don’t even like” Sandman

“Bands who are as wilfully eccentric as The Wednesday Club are usually a lot more fun to listen to”Leeds Music Scene

So Claw Sour Crow:

“Do they compare themselves to Neutral Milk Hotel because one of their songs features a trumpet, or the fact that neither the vocalists of TWC or Jeff Magnum can sing?” – We are Unseen

Dry Humps

“Pretentious Garbage” –

Live :

“Indie rock cobblers has all the smug self-satisfaction of an in-joke shared by them and them only” – Sandman (again)

“This isn’t even music” – First live performance review by Friend Of Band.

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