Katapult Art Work Information

The front cover of Katapult is our homage/pastiche of the Clean’s excellent 1990 album Vehicle. Although the album is semi-obscure we felt that it was a good look and any big up to the Clean is good by us.


The album is named Katapult as a reference to Guided By Voices awesome 1992 album Propellor. They called it that cos they wanted it to propel them to success. We called ours Katapult for similar reasons (i.e. to catapult us to less derision)


It’s also spelt with a K as a reference to George Herriman’s peerless surrealistic cartoon strip “Krazy Kat”





Our 2009 album which was described as  “a treasure trove of great sounds” (SoundsXP), “joyful, absurd, spirit raising on a gloomy day” (Kitten Painting Blog) and “a  triumph in simply doing what you like and having fun in the process” (Leeds Music Scene). The Track “European Veins” was played on Gideon Coe’s 6Music show and on quite a few podcasts.

The album was released on Odd Box Records and sold a total of 5 copies. Surprisingly, it can be still be bought here at Odd Box for £3.00.

After the lukewarm reception to Soap we decided that we up the fidelity and make sure the performance were tight and focused. We wrote 5 songs each (apart from Steven’s House which was written a little more collaboratively) and Jack played drums on all of the tracks with drums.

You can listen to it on Spotify here and find information on the artwork here.

The cover looks a bit like a poo and Steven J. recorded 3 tracks for us. Featured on the album are Stevie Keys (Keys and vox), Birgitte Roeggen (vox), Amyas Varcoe (vox), Louise Phillips (vox) and David Kitchen (vox).

Listen to:     European Veins   Steven’s House  Wave At Planes

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