Answer The Questionnaire

1. Who’s fault is it?

a) Your fault.

b) Their fault.

2. You’re Hungry. Do you:

a) eat


3. Everyone you know, some day, will die. I

a) know this, but don’t believe this.

b) believe this, but don’t know this.

4. Would you rather live without:

a) oxygen

b) adulation?

5. If it’s your parents fault, what about their parents?

a) it’s their fault.

b) they’re your grandparents.

6. Humans are animals. Is this:

a) the best thing about us?

b) the worst thing about us?

7. Does the Universe differentiate between life and not life?

a) no, but God does.

b) no, but Life does.

8. When you stop, does everything stop:

a) yes

b) no

9. Who’s fault is it?

a) Their fault.

b) Your fault.

10. Does a dog have Buddha nature?


Mostly a’s – You exist!

Mostly b’s –