13 Simpsons Scenarios Since Season 10 James Lavender Won’t Like

James Lavender and myself often argue about the relative merits (or lack of) of The Simpsons since its (approximate) Season 1 -10 heyday. He thinks it stinks since 1998; I don’t. So I thought I’d show him what’s what.

Then I decided I might as well just prop up his point by going for the stupidest Simpsons episode ideas since Season 10.

*I include the episode production number as Lav’ is a nerd who likes them

Season 11 Bart is put on ADD medication. “Brother’s Little Helper” AABF22

Season 12 Homer becomes really smart after having a crayon removed from his brain. “HOMR” BABF22

Season 13 Lisa lies about her age and becomes a college student.  “Little Girl in the Big Ten” DABF15

Season 14 Marge becomes a bodybuilder. “Strong Arms of the Ma” EABF04

Season 15 Homer pretends to be a robot to win Bart’s respect.  “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot” FABF04

Season 16 Homer becomes an ordained minister in order  to marry gay couples. “There’s something about marrying” GABF04

Season 17 Bart is kidnapped by an ape, who takes him as her son. “Bart Has Two Mommies” HABF07

Season 18 Bart becomes a jazz drummer. “Jazzy and The Pussy Cats”  HABF18

Season 19   Homer becomes a successful  opera singer. “Homer of Seville” JABF18

Season 20   Bart has a double; “Prince and the Pauper”  style hijinks ensue. “Double, Double, Boy in Trouble” KABF14

Season 21  Homer wins the lottery and has to pretend he hasn’t for some reason. “Million Dollar Maybe” MABFO3

Season 22  Homer and Principal Skinner form new comedy duos with Cheech and Chong,  respectively. “A Midsummer’s Nice Dream” NABF09

Season 23  Bart and Homer write a fantasy novel with some other Simpsons characters, for some reason. “The Book Job” NABF22

John, December 11