You should listen to recordings first!

If you have please enjoy…

We love Dead Flowers. We did their song.

Andres Vicente kindly videod our set at the awesome Oddbox Weekender 3 in Londown Town, sometime in May.

Check it out:

3 new songs to be released on the forthcoming album, “Passing Strange”.


Hit By Teeth Pt 3.

Fake Lynx A.K.A Fang Language

Trust Thing

and an acoustic version  of the family favourite “Trust Thing”

A cover of Nir Graham’s “coulda been a contender” Summer Rose by 2/3 of The Wednesday Club (and Asa Roast) shot by Rachel Barker.
Also Featuring Paunch’s Stu Robinson, Model Warship’s Mikey Waters and Theo’s Theo.

Adam (and John a little bit) are interviewed and perform a cover of The Insect Guide’s 6 ft in Love.

John and Adam’s video and cover of Glaciers’ “Heavy Bones”.

Exit Flagger, Max and Adam’s band from 2008/2009  are shown here, at The Packhorse in their live glory. Horrible backing vocals provided by another ‘Clubber

A fanmade video for She Eats Brains. Very kindly edited by Rachel Barker and shot by Eleanor Snare.

A video to (David) Pole Hunch from Soap shot by Rachel Barker in 2009. We got covered in ketchup when making it. We suffered for our art.

Honey Suckle (Super Agree)  – acoustic – Live in Shipley

Self Medicate To Victory (Hep Cat) – acoustic rearrangement – Live in Shipley

George Orwell (Kept My Cherry) acapella on a train back from Shipley. Note Jack’s face.

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