p4k no 30: Deerhunter – Fading Frontier

Had I ever heard of them before: Yes, probably my favourite band of the last decade…

Reductive First Impression: Which makes them about oooh 50th of all time. I was writing this off (having listened to it a bit before). “Ah it’s not as good as the shoegazey stuff or the krauty stuff” but then… Lil bits grabbed me. Yeah, Cox’s voice is more prominenet and, yeah,  the slink doesn’t suit and, yeah, it;s a little cleaner but i’m growing to like this.

Considering that all their other albums took at least two years to hit this might be a keeper.

Will I listen to it again: Yes.

p4k no 31: Kelala – Hallucinogen EP

Had I ever heard of them before: nup.

Reductive First Impression: Well it’s short, I’ll give it that. It’s not that it’s bad or good. It exists.

This is an EP of music that exists.

Will I listen to it again: ear fatigue….

p4k no 32: Dr Dre – Compton

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, yes, listened to this album a few times.

Reductive First Impression:it’s not on spotify. I can’t be botehred to plug in my hard drive to listen to it. It was really ok. Dr Dre works best as a producer.

See also: the chronic. Great singles, way too much filler and label dissing. Pretty tedious.

Will I listen to it again: no, im going to listen 2001. Thats’s pretty good.

p4k no 33: Archy Marshall – A New Place 2 Drown

Had I ever heard of them before: the first album I have already listened to. Also listened to his old stuff as King Krule.

Reductive First Impression: and not a crack of light shone through. this is pretty dark.Hip hop and British?

I dunno – I have no real opinions of it. I don’t want to turn it off but I never thought “killer line” or “awesome beat”. The main stand out is the clip of a 70s British tv show.

Will I listen to it again: no, listened to it enough now.

p4k no 34: Carly Rae Jepson – Run Away With Me

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, naturallement,

Reductive First Impression: as David Bowie never sang “like a PC Madonna”… When this album is good it’s very, very good and when it’s not it’s filler. I was hoping for all killer no filler but that was never gonna happen, was it?

The singles and future singles are excellent though. I enjoy the depth of subject matter from boys to boys (I jest). This is a good pop album just wish it had more songs I really, really, really like.

It’s funny after all the 70s at the start things have taken a decidely 80s direction…

Will I listen to it again: the singles, of course, I have no choice I’m a primary school teacher.

p4k no 35: Neon Indian – VEGA INTL. Night School

Had I ever heard of them before: yes.

Reductive First Impression: sounds like other people having a good time. Those people not being me.

It’s woozy (I’m pro this) but all the rhythms make it sound like a nightclub in the 80s where everyone looks a bit bored (or so i imagine – they migth be having a great time). I’m going for Daft Punk + MGMT + Prince but nowhere near as good as that sounds.

Will I listen to it again: no, as it’s the sound of me standing in the smoking area so I don’t have to dance.

p4k no 36 : Janet Jackson –

Had I ever heard of them before: yes, she’s that one who did that song.

Reductive First Impression: Happily, this is less 4 to the floor than the others. It sounds most like… like Janet Jackson. and Michael Jsckson. In places it’s a little saccharine but I don’t mind it. From the bits I gave my full attention it’s smooth – apart from the title track and the one with Missy Elliott which, let’s face it, is Not Missy Elliot’s Finest Hour.

Jesus it’s got 18 tracks. ummmm.


Will I listen to it again: no, but it’s alright.